Welcome to Year 3 of the Bachelor of Music course.

Performance 3

Performance comprises of 3 sections solo, ensemble and choir.

Solo performance covers technical work, performance pieces, verbal introductions, stage craft, and performance programs.

  • Students are required to use excellent time management skills and drive to complete the set tasks.  Practice is not just up to tutors who suggest schedules it is also up to the students determination to pass at a high standard.

Ensemble requires a minimum of two performers 1 in which is the leader and is expected to demonstrate leadership skills. One piece per semester is expected.

Choir is compulsory for attending students participation is expected by all attendees at the Kooyong campus.  Distance students are to submit a vocal piece with a backing if they cannot find a local choir to participate in.  If a distance student joins a local choir then they have to video the performance for assessment.

Musicianship 3

Musicianship comprises of theory and aural development.

Students will complete theory worksheets, view live and recorded tutorials plus complete practice tests for aural development.

Exams are held each semester for theory and aural.

Aural development will have audio/video practice tests either provided on CD or DVD and this site.


Internet Music: For this topic students will research promotional tools on the WEB for musicians or music teachers. Information will assist students towards the plan and design of a music related WEB site to eventually produce a final project the WEB site.

Computer instructional Media (CAI): For this topic students will research other instructional software related to music then plan and design material that will be placed into a final software tool that will teach yet assess students for a music related subject. (Own choice of music subject)

Assignments required through the year:

  • Plan and design a WEB site related to music Create a WEB site related to music
  • Plan and design a computer instructional media Create a computer instructional media software


Students will use all their previous knowledge gained in instrumentation, improvisation and composition to create arrangements at a high degree standard. 


Educational psychology is the study of how humans grow, develop and learn.  Why this is and how to use this knowledge in particular when training music students.

Students will complete a set of written assessments.

History 3

History covers all the history periods and progresses through the ages in following years.

Students complete essays each semester and a final exam at the end of the year.


OHS, Copyright & business documentation

  • Financial management
  • CV/Resume writing
  • OHS procedures in the workplace
  • Legal implications regarding copyright

Music Career

  • Work towards a career in music
  • Research music producers

Business Plan

  • Goal setting, design, business name protection, advertising, business card, documentation
  • Produce evidence of a professional standard for a small business in the form of a plan