Students will complete the following packaged units of study in the Certificate III in Music course.

Students will develop stage craft skills, solo performance skills, ensemble group skills and choir skills in this subject.

The following units of study will be covered in this subject:
  • Incorporate music technology into performance
  • Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music
  • Develop technical skills in performance
  • Prepare for performances
  • Contribute to backup accompaniment
  • Develop improvisation skills
Musicians have to develop their skills in reading music and identifying each note and it's duration to assist them with performing and composition skills.
The following unit of study will be covered in this subject:
  • Apply knowledge of genre to music making
  • Develop and apply aural-perception skills
  • Notate music
In music technology students will learn how to use MIDI devices and instruments, notational software and sequencing software.

Units of study covered in this subject will consist of the following:

  • Select and manage microphone and other audio input sources
  • Perform basic sound editing
  • Record and mix a basic music demo
  • Set up and disassemble audio equipment
  • Restore audio tracks
  • Analyse soundtracks

Occupational Health and Safety procedures is necessary information for musicians to obtain in the music industry.  Students will learn knowledge and gain understanding of the requirements when using technology, lifting equipment and storing equipment in the music industry.

Students will learn skills to assist them to work effectively in the music industry.  This will assist them with a firm grounding to start their careers in the music industry.

Students will learn copyright rules and regulations in the music industry to assist them towards implementing copyright arrangements in their own works either that being written, recorded or composed works.

Students will learn the skills and tools required to compose a simple song or tune.

The following units of study will be covered in this subject:

  • Compose simple songs or musical pieces
  • Write song lyrics
  • Develop simple musical pieces using electronic media