Students will complete the following packaged units of study in the Advanced Diploma of Study.

Performance is made up of 3 sections, Solo, Ensemble and Choir.

Solo performance consists of technical work, exercises, oral communication skills, pieces, stage-craft and performance programs.

Ensemble consists of leadership, team work, improvisational skills, and conducting.

Choir is based solely around participation.  Distance students are recommended to join a local choir or discuss this with the CEO or Dean if unable to locate one.

Unit Coordinator: Dr Matthew Field

Welcome to Musicianship!

Musicianship comprises two related areas of study, music theory and aural training.

Orchestration is made up of 3 sections Composition, Arranging and Improvisation.

Students will gain access to textbooks and video content to assist them in completing assignment tasks.

In history of music students will gain access to video and text content which will assist them to complete assignments.

Instrumental Teaching comprises of 4 main sections which will be covered over the two years of the Diploma.

In the first year students will complete Psychology and AGMED Syllabus lesson plans with the inclusion of Business Managment.

In the second year students will complete Philosophy and Teaching Principles.

Students will gain knowledge on manage and exploit copyright arrangements.

Students will study and apply music knowledge and artistic judgement while completing assignments throughout the course year.

Students will gain knowledge on how to follow occupational health and safety procedures in the music industry.