Welcome to Year 1 of the Bachelor of Music course.

Performance 1

Performance comprises of 3 sections solo, ensemble and choir.

Solo performance covers technical work, performance pieces, verbal introductions, stage craft, and performance programs.

  • Students are required to use excellent time management skills and drive to complete the set tasks.  Practice is not just up to tutors who suggest schedules it is also up to the students determination to pass at a high standard.

Ensemble requires a minimum of two performers 1 in which is the leader and is expected to demonstrate leadership skills. One piece per semester is expected.

Choir is compulsory for attending students participation is expected by all attendees at the Kooyong campus.  Distance students are to submit a vocal piece with a backing if they cannot find a local choir to participate in.  If a distance student joins a local choir then they have to video the performance for assessment.


The aim of this year of study is to develop theoretical and aural skills at a high level, and comprehension of conventional and unconventional theoretical dialogue. Students will develop knowledge in melodic writing with modulation; the essential elements of two part basic counterpoint; and study the development of harmonic structures in the conventional and contemporary styles for knowledge that will improve compositional and performance preparation and understanding that is essential in a professional musical environment. Students will also develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental rudiments that are essential in musical compositions.

Orchestration 1

In this unit students will learn all about the instruments ranges, application of those instruments in compositions and arrangements to increase awareness for later years of the course.

Students will complete a set of workbooks and a practical task.

In sequencing you will study the sound, recording software, effects and plugins used to create better sound.

Music Education 1

Students will complete a essays, design lesson plans and create example lessons for theory and their major instrument.  A live lesson is expected from students utilising their own teaching tools (lesson plan and example lesson documentation) either in video format (distance students) or live (attending students).

History 1

History will cover an overview of all periods prior to 20th Century. 

Students will be required to complete essays each term.